Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Stairway to Heaven (or at least the upstairs closet)

Work on the floor continues. These two pictures illustrate an interesting problem with the stair nosings.

Our old subfloor had stair nosings built into the subfloor stair-wood. (This wood remains in place and the hardwood is nailed and glued to it to make the final stairs. When we bought the house rug was in place using tack strips.)

But the new wood requires a square corner (no nosing) so that the hardwood can be placed directly over it. The new nosing is "built into" the hard wood.

So our contractor cut off the nosings in the subfloor.

In this picture you can see the three stages. In the top step, the hole where the nosing fit into the molding has been filled in with extra wood. On the middle step, the riser is in place, covering part of this fill. On the bottom step, the nosing is in place too, completely obscuring the work.

Someone is not very happy about the noise.

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