Sunday, June 10, 2007

Puppy Puppy Puppy Puppy Puppy Puppy

Meet Cecelia!

She's a 7 month old, - she looks like a Golden Retriever to me, but the family that helped us with the adoption think maybe there is some Border Collie in her.

She loves to play and has boundless energy - if we could harness puppy power we wouldn't need foreign oil.

Lori helping her find dinner.

Nala is taking the situation pretty well, considering that her home has been invaded by a 30 lb 7 month old dog. We're keeping them separated and CC on a leash while they meet each other.

A meeting of minds. We bought a child-proofing gate - once we're letting CC roam the house we'll partition areas off so the cat can have a sanctuary.

Why am I in kitty jail? (Actually there are a dozen ways Nala can get over, under and around the fence.)

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Curtains and Bushes

Lori's parents came down to DC this week for Zemer Chai's "Shalom y Esperanza" concert. Whenever they visit, serious work gets done on the house.

My mother made us curtains last fall as part of our redoing the living room. Finally this weekend we put them up!

Lori's parents also did a lot of work in the garden...unfortunately the bushes in front of the house died in the hot dry weather last summer. We bought two Azalia's and two Japanese Holly and put them in. That monster next to the car is the left over stump from a dead bush that we had to dig out. It's about a foot in diameter and ways more than you can imagine.

We also put some herbs into the backyard garden. Unlike our last herb garden (which actually did pretty well), we're watering it. We have rabbits in the back yard so there may not be much left for us.