Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Dining Room That Doesn't Show Blood

We just put the first coat of red paint down in the dining room...this is very exciting because it's the first time we're doing something that will actually look good, as opposed to just prep work.

We put a dark grey primer down and the tinting worked; the red looks red like the paint swatch on the first coat. However I do think we'll need two coats of red, just like we needed two coats of primer; the walls have enough texture (read: are so pock-marked from my attempt to remove the old wallpaper) that the paint doesn't quite cover completely on the first try.

Regarding odor: we've got almost the entire house (except for the below-ground family-room area rug-free and it's made an enormous difference...the house is basically smoke free). This is good because with the cold weather we can't do any priming for lack of ventilation. So we can probably use the winter to finish painting, put down flooring, and then buy, like, grown-up furniture. In the spring we can contemplate which room/project is next.