Monday, December 18, 2006

A One-Coat Wonder?

This weekend our friend Steve came down from Providence and helped us paint the living room - we painted the top of the living room above the chair rail in "Lilting Laughter" (a name which, thanks to my speech impediment*, is virtually impossible to say).

I realize that that doesn't look much different from before...between the camera and the night photo, the subtle change in wall color doesn't come out - the final paint is a warmer white than the primer.

I thought we'd need a second coat, especially since we couldn't tell what we were doing in the poor winter afternoon light, but so far it looks like it went on pretty well!

Monday, December 04, 2006

I wrecked it...well a little...

I was trying to be clever and not leave the masking tape up for 5 years on end, but in pulling off some ceiling tape only a few hours after the second red coat, I took a little paint with me - it came off in a sheet right down to the primer. After waiting a few more hours the rest seems to be adhering better.

See - all that procrastinating with tape was a good idea!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Red Dining Room - pictures!

Finally! Here are some pictures of the house. We just put the second paint of coat on the dning room and I bought some batteries for the camera, so...

Here's what the dining room looked like after I removed the wallpaper. In that third picture the spackle isn't sanded down yet.

Here's the gray primer (it has sort of a blue tone). It really worked - the red looks just like the paint chip.

Finally here's the room after two coats of red. The trim is still just primer, and we haven't put any sponge colors down yet.