Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Like momentum, clutter can be neither created nor destroyed - it is conserved in any frame of reference.

This has been demonstrated again in our house, where Lori and I just went through the firedrill of trying to clear the entire first floor and upstairs hall and master bedroom at once. They were, before last night, how shall we say, um, abundent with clutter.

No longer!

Of course, all that stuff had to go somewhere. The two guest bedrooms are now packed.

And the true problem is my poor office, which has reached a state I can only describe as "one of enriched entropy" and highly, er, thermodynamic.

If I go onto "the hacks of life" and blog that we get a net development win by keeping the X-Plane code extra clean, that picture isn't going to make me very convincing, is it? But wait - conservation of clutter -- clutter removed from the X-Plane code base has to go somewhere.

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