Thursday, July 05, 2007

Step 1 - Cut a Hole in the Wall

Ami came down to visit last week, which means housing destruction. We installed a pass-through panel. Basically this is a set of plugs for professional audio and Ethernet that run from one side of the wall to the other. This will allow me to close my studio door while recording audio in the rest of the house (the hard wood floor makes a nice sound room) and also pass Ethernet from the cable model in the living room to the computers in the office.

Here's the hole we cut in the drywall. A view of the living room.

Here is the panel's back, and Ami wiring it. The office is in total chaos - CC rewired it slightly, but that'll be a story for another post.

The final result.

Raining Cats And Dogs

Life with cat and dog remains a bit of a three-ring circus.

CC likes to hang out in the family room. She'll play with a rope or another toy while we hang out, but unfortunately her favorite toy is, well, Nala.

Nala likes to sleep on the chair in the family room and refuses to give up territory (probably good). Even though we've made a few cat-only rooms (using hooks to keep the door cracked) the cat will follow the dog around, watching from the other side of the room, until the dog comes over to play, at which point Nala hisses and swats and acts in a quite un-lady-like manner. (We got that cat tree to give Nala more high places to stay, but she just stays in the ground and instigates.)

CC is a little bigger than we planned for a dog - 40 lbs and growing. She can hold a regulation frisbee in her mouth easily, but doesn't really know how to play games with it. We're working on the basics first (stay, down, come, don't torment the cat, even if she started it).

A rare moment of peace in the living room - everybody's sleeping!

It's a cat in a box!