Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Band Is Coming

And we sort of finisihed the work on the house we wanted to get done. We painted the two guest bedrooms in "Canyon Mist". (I was going to put a stupid post title in, like "Purple Room, Purple Room" but instead you can just jab yourself in the eye with something sharp and possibly non-sterile.) Here's the tour...

The kitchen and dining room...

The living room and family rooms.

Purple bedrooms!

The studio is a total disaster!

Step one - put the cat in the box!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's Official - The RAZR is no longer l33t

...because...I got one. My old phone, which I was determined to keep forever, finally stopped working. Here's a side-by-side comparison.

Of course this picture doesn't do justice to two things:
  1. How insanely thin the RAZR is and
  2. How insanely beaten up my old Sanyo 4700 was. Yes, that is duct-tape holding the back on!
I still think the Sanyo has a lot going for it...it's frickin' indestructible. (Well, it did break, but the amount of abuse it took and the number of years it lasted are beyond the call.) The battery lasts forever, and it's cheap enough that I didn't feel bad leaving it on a DC bus once.

Odds are I won't even use most of the RAZR's cool features...web browsing, text messaging, an MP3 music store, TV, etc. What I am excited about is: it runs Java. We'll see if I can convince it to take some JARs I built out of Sun's J2ME SDK. A RAZR may be cool, but a RAZR with a number puzzle...I have to go towel myself off.

Here's the obligatory picture of the cat for the day...the color is funny because I try to avoid using the flash - she always looks away when the pre-flash hits.