Tuesday, August 11, 2009


3 months without a post? 4 months? Quiet blogs sometimes indicate significant "stuff" in the lives of the posters. That's definitely true of my work blog (less posts = more code) and is true here too.

Here's the short of it:
  • Lori got into Tufts vet school! She starts "real soon".
  • We're moving to Westborough, MA.
  • We'll be renting out our house here in Maryland.
So we're going a bit crazy right now getting the house ready to rent, getting the move organized, etc.

The of whether to sell or rent is a complex one, and it ties together the two themes of this blog (housing rants and financial rants) into one, um, ├╝ber-rant. Comparing life as a tenant, landlord and home-owner is eye-opening too.

More to come soon - we're working on our showing pictures today, and I think they're coming out pretty good...it's nice to see that the house can look good when we get all of our junk out of the way. (Then we ask: why don't we always leave the house like this? Answer: we have too much stuff!)

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