Monday, September 22, 2008

Sarah Palin: Framing the Debate

As a defeated lefty, I have to admire the GOP for framing political debate to their advantage.

To that end, I think Sarah Palin is a pretty brilliant choice as VP for this reason: even if they lose the debate they win.

At best us lefties, who are totally distracted by Palin, prove that she is not qualified to be president. (Duh.) Is this really a victory? People voted for Bush Sr. despite Dan Quayle! I don't think a VP can be enough of a liability to warrant getting so off message.

Only one thing wins it for the democrats: "McCain is Bush Jr., and look at the mess we're in."


Anonymous said...

Sorry but I couldn't resist: Palin is W, McCain is Sr.


Benjamin Supnik said...

True enough - no one can say the American people don't have experience with governors of oil states with no foreign policy experience and folksy mannerisms. :-)