Sunday, June 08, 2008

This Is My Day

CC and Nala's relationship has come a long way in almost a year; originally we could not have them in the same room, and we had a gate or door separating them at all times. We've reached a point now where I don't have to separate them at all.

The turning point in their relationship was when Nala decided it was more fun to hit CC than run away from her. Nala's previous owners declawed her - if she had a little more firepower they would have found a balance of power much quicker (basically the dog doing whatever the cat wants). Instead this drama plays itself out probably about once a day.

Now I must admit, I did intentionally allow this to happen by asking the dog to come sniff the cat once I had the camera ready. It's a situation with a predictable course:
  1. Dog decides she really, really, really needs to smell the cat - perhaps the cat smells different than yesterday? You never know!
  2. Dog attempts to smell the cat, usually by jamming her nose as close to the cat's belly as she possibly can.
  3. Cat decides she does not like the dog doing this and hits the dog, perhaps 8, 9, 10 times in a row.
  4. While it didn't happen this time, the cat usually then immediately washes her paws because she has "dog cooties", which are totally gross.
  5. Cat decides to leave and go somewhere else.
  6. Dog whimpers because the cat doesn't love her.
Never a dull moment.

These days I have been catching both of them sleeping in the same room (once even in my office) fairly close together, e.g. dog on the floor, cat on the chair, or cat on the dog's bed, dog on the floor...but the cat is always on alert so I haven't been able to get a good picture yet.

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