Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Return of the Studio

Progress! With the floors down we could finally start moving furniture into the living room and unpack all of our stuff. For about six months we've had all of our books, games and display items still in boxes in a huge pile. Here are some pics of the living room and family room starting to take shape.

That area witih CDs and DVDs below the front door used to be entirely buried in boxes.

About half of our packed stuff was in the family room and the other half was in the back of my studio (the part you don't see in any of the pictures). Unfortunately which half was where was pretty random. So by the time we got the books unpacked, my studio looked like this:

I then have had time to clear that mess out too - the studio is almost entirely accessible.

So much more floor space is freed up, it's like having a whole second room.

Of course, no blog post would be complete without the obligatory cute cat picture. Nala only stands on all-tube preamps.

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